Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Beaufort, SC

Beaufort, SC may be my town crush (is that a thing?). The sleepy little Southern town is full of charm, history and relaxation.

I surprised my mom with a birthday getaway and only gave her enough information on what to pack. Halfway through, I gave her a present to open and unveiled our final destination. Beaufort is a great girls getaway or romantic weekend retreat. Here are a few favorites:

 VRBO is my tried and true favorite when it comes to unique accommodations. Beaufort has several traditional hotel options in the more commercialized area and also boasts several bed and breakfasts. Our cottage was outstanding and the best part was the marsh view. This little rental was nicely furnished and had a great stocked kitchen (one of my rental pet peeves).

Dockside | A great choice over the bridge on Lady's Island. In my opinion, the menu was quite similar to the traditional seafood restaurant but everything we ordered was delicious. The salmon and scallops were our preferred choices.

Lowcountry Produce | If Southern Living covered this little gem, I knew it must be good. Our lunch was super yummy and the little market was too cute. My chicken salad sandwich was a great choice.

Plum's | Water views get me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Plum's was packed at lunch so we waited a bit but it was worth it. My shrimp salad was divine making this a place not to be missed.

Breakwater | I was torn between lots of options for dinner but chose Breakwater and am so glad I did. It wasn't crowded (probably due to off-travel season) but everything was spectacular. I ordered a caprese salad and scallops with risotto and both were outstanding.

Red Rooster Cafe | A great brunch stop with the sweetest staff. I recommend the breakfast burrito if you like spicy that early in the morning.  I will note that it was a little hard to find due to road construction but is attached to their sister seafood restaurant (go figure).

 Biking | Luckily our house came with bikes but you can rent through a few companies in town. This was by far my favorite part, considering I haven't ridden one in roughly 16 years. Biking is the best way to see the old homes up close and to really get a sense of how quaint this little town is.

Hunting Island | About 16 miles south of Beaufort, makes this state park a great afternoon trip. They have beach access, a marsh walk and historic lighthouse to visit. My biggest tip would be to pack bug spray. The mosquitoes were intense so we didn't last long.

Gay Fish Company | Located down by the state park, this hidden gem is your tried and true fish market. We bought shrimp (for a great price) that had come right off the boat. Another neat perk is their boats were used in Forrest Gump.

Sheldon Church Ruins | On your way in or out of Beaufort, stop by the Sheldon Church Ruins. They are gorgeous surrounded by huge oak trees and a great glimpse into years past.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Five on Friday

Friday nights at our house consists of dinner out (because I am in no way cooking), wine and a movie rental. I really want to see Me Before You but I foresee a few problems with that:
  1. I hated the way the book ended
  2. My husband will hate the movie
  3. I am 99.76% I will sob through the end
  4. My husband will think I am crazy for watching a movie in which I know I will sob in the end
  5. Aforementioned husband will have dibs on next movie choice

Trader Joe's is my happy place. Their wine, flowers, produce, wine, frozen meals and oh their wine. I knew one night this week would be a rush to cook dinner so I snagged a new frozen meal. Oriental food is my jam and this beauty did not disappoint.

Kid shoe shopping is the worst, especially when your diva princess two-year-old is very particular about her shoes. I try to order online but it is always a shot in the dark with sizing. In comes Laura and Molly Peas to the rescue! I found her sweet store on Instagram and may never buy anywhere else again. She went above and beyond measuring and advising this shoe-hating momma on the best fit and style. Shoutout to a great small business!

Anthropologie has 20% off today for members. Lucky me! I have to return some of the aforementioned kids shoes and Anthro is conveniently located next to Nordstrom (#winning).

Do any other mommas bribe their toddlers? Mary Tilman has been waking at 5:30 and it is killing my shuteye. This morning she bawled for Paw Patrol (oh the agony) and I bribed her with chocolate to give me five more minutes. I know it is so wrong but I am not pleasant before six a.m.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

thursday things

It is rare that I come across a "list" blog post and agree with every single one. I am Type A to a fault. I think my husband would agree that I AM this list. I am stressed until I complete a project and can not focus until the task is done. Case in point - my multiple to-do lists in my head, on my phone, my desk, etc. There is always something to complete, but when I do get away and relax I soak in every minute.

Bring on Fall everything! Clothes, pumpkins, football and the weather... I am tempted to rotate out my closet but fear I may sweat to death until October. (Side note - Am I late to the game in finding out that C. Wonder is a thing again?) 

This is a great reminder to just not care. Love the life you are living and the rest will fall into place.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


This past weekend we celebrated our sweet girl turning two! My how the years have flown by, serving as a great reminder to cherish these sweet days.

Seeing as her birthday will ever be surrounded by a national holiday, we wanted to keep the party low-key. The hubs requested the opportunity to grill out so a pink gingham cookout was born. Props to our families for helping out tremendously and for everyone who help celebrate our little love. I will recap the entire party in a later post because what momma doesn't want more party planning tips to add to their Pinterest board :). 

On Sunday, we celebrated with a low-key day filled with presents, ice cream, the park and Mexican food. We also celebrated flipping the car seat in hopes to avoid car meltdowns from here on out. 

Reflecting on the past two years, they have been a world-wind. Mary Tilman is truly one of a kind. She is sweet, independent, funny and smart. She talks her own language and loves in her own way. She is adores "her people" and brings us so much joy. Don't get me wrong, she doesn't call herself Princess for no reason but as irritating as the diva-ness is, it is refreshing to know she will be able to stand on her own. She will make her own dreams and her own decisions but knowing I am raising her to make those right choices gives me peace. Being a two-nager is exhausting as there is rarely a "down" moment but she is always learning, always doing. Mary Tilman - you are so loved and make me so proud to be your mommy.