Friday, September 16, 2016

Five on Friday

Friday nights at our house consists of dinner out (because I am in no way cooking), wine and a movie rental. I really want to see Me Before You but I foresee a few problems with that:
  1. I hated the way the book ended
  2. My husband will hate the movie
  3. I am 99.76% I will sob through the end
  4. My husband will think I am crazy for watching a movie in which I know I will sob in the end
  5. Aforementioned husband will have dibs on next movie choice

Trader Joe's is my happy place. Their wine, flowers, produce, wine, frozen meals and oh their wine. I knew one night this week would be a rush to cook dinner so I snagged a new frozen meal. Oriental food is my jam and this beauty did not disappoint.

Kid shoe shopping is the worst, especially when your diva princess two-year-old is very particular about her shoes. I try to order online but it is always a shot in the dark with sizing. In comes Laura and Molly Peas to the rescue! I found her sweet store on Instagram and may never buy anywhere else again. She went above and beyond measuring and advising this shoe-hating momma on the best fit and style. Shoutout to a great small business!

Anthropologie has 20% off today for members. Lucky me! I have to return some of the aforementioned kids shoes and Anthro is conveniently located next to Nordstrom (#winning).

Do any other mommas bribe their toddlers? Mary Tilman has been waking at 5:30 and it is killing my shuteye. This morning she bawled for Paw Patrol (oh the agony) and I bribed her with chocolate to give me five more minutes. I know it is so wrong but I am not pleasant before six a.m.

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