Thursday, December 15, 2016

Number 2

Yep, we are expecting Baby Boy Williams in June 2017! 

How did you find out?
One week in late September, I was having awful cramps and just didn't feel right. A few days passed and things slightly subsided but I decided to take a test anyways. I need to also note my husband was traveling for work this week so I was exhausted but again chalked that up to my toddler. Well I took a test again and it was positive. Shocked in an understatement!

How did you tell your husband?
They say your second pregnancy is different and that is not a lie. The husband found out because he saw the test box in the trash. I know romantic right :)

What makes this pregnancy different?
This time around we now have a busy toddler to prevent taking it easy or resting. Exhausted is an understatement those first few weeks. Coupled with back pain and nausea, I am glad to finally be on the uphill swing.

How is Mary Tilman handling the news?
She was in denial at first and still calls him a baby girl but is much more loving these days. Her thing now is to give my belly kisses whenever I don't feel good. I have had to cut back on picking her up due to an issue spotted at my last appointment but other than that, she is soaking in this only child thing. The dogs however are going to have a rude awakening with two littles chasing after them.

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