Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wednesday Words

Having an opinionated two-year-old puts things in perspective. She has some headstrong thoughts on what she wants to eat, what she wants to wear and what she wants to do. She can push her limits (multiple times a day) but as hard as it gets, I wouldn't have it any other way. 

As much as I would love to say I have grown into this amazingly confident women the older I have become, that would be a lie. I can fight tooth and nail on some issues but on others just curl up and keep my thoughts to myself. There are some people I can share anything with because I know we have that relationship but there are others I just can't seem to be the real me. In both professional and personal life, it is a constant battle to stay true but also please others.

However, the older I have grown, the more I have been able to see both sides. While I know I am right in a lot of situations, boy do I know when I am wrong. Growing up in a small town and moving to an (extremely) big city has given me new perspective on all walks of life. Everyone has a story--something they are going through but may not share. We all have our bad days but we also all have our good. 

When I look at my little sassy pants, I can't help but smile because I know she will be a remarkable woman one day. She will fight for herself but also has the most loving and caring demeanor. It is crazy that a child can teach you to stay true and stay humble but most of all just stay yourself.

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