Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thoughts on Thursday

We got to see little man last week and he is growing like a weed! Already one pound, he may end up being a big boy at the end of these next 18 weeks. I say little man because we don't have a name yet although there have been some intense discussions. Hopefully we will come to a consensus soon for all our sanity (and monogramming needs).

J. Wills is headed to market later this week and I am so excited. The 2016 February market was my first and I have learned so much since then. Each season is a new experience but it gets more and more rewarding every time! Follow J. Wills on Instagram for some sneak peeks!

We headed down to Ponce City Market last weekend and it was a really cool place. The Food Hall had some outstanding eateries, even allowing us our first famous H&F burger. We also stopped into Candlefish (as little Miss chowed down on a lollipop) and it was a candle-lovers haven. I am itching to try one of their candle-making classes.

Trying to avoid many new maternity clothes, I am loving the "baggy" trend. This Anthropologie dress would be a little dark for Easter but nothing some bright jewelry couldn't fix.

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  1. It makes the doctors appointments so much more fun when you actually get to see baby!! You're almost halfway! The rest will fly by. I loved getting past the 20 week mark!