Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Gosh a lot of has happened these last few months.... mainly having a sweet baby boy. I didn't intentionally take a blog break but I needed for something to give. I forgot the demands of an infant, coupled with the demands of a toddler / twonager (diva game is strong over here).

Introducing Hampton Lee Williams... he is pretty terrific. Boys are definitely different than girls and they sure do love their mommas. I find it a unique gift to be able to make him smile bigger than anyone. He sleeps through the night now which is the true gift (can I get an amen mommas?) I like to think of him as my little sidekick because he so easygoing and I can tote him everywhere, although a minimum of two hours to myself wouldn't be the worst thing that could happen :).

But what else has happened these last three months? We have been to the beach, lake, enjoyed family and laughed with dear friends that I don't see frequently enough. I have devoted A LOT of time to J. Wills but it is like my other baby, only I didn't have to gain 25+ pounds for it.

How was Hampton's birth? I have that bad boy written down and can't wait to share.

How has it been with two kids? That is another post for another day.

How have you been? That is a longer, more therapeutic, post for another day.

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