Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Life Lately

Sorry I am blog slacking again. Time is a rarity these days if not filled with J. Wills, kiddos, husband, house work, the list goes on.

Here a few pictures of our past few days:

  • Hampton sleeps in the Merlin Magic Suit and it is amazing. We transitioned around 8 weeks after he continually broke out of the swaddle. I know we are only providing another sleep crutch but he sleeps so dang good. The first to bed and the last to wake means a pretty stellar baby in my opinion. I anticipate breaking him in the next few weeks when the weather drops. A tip for those considering - we only put him in a onesie because the heavy cotton can get rather warm.
  • After a great three-year check-up, I took Mary Tilman to get a super cool unicorn milkshake #momwin. She chose strawberry ice cream which should cap out any sugar quota and when we got home she proceeded to get sick. Mom lesson learned that day but I will still blame it on a flu shot side effect #momfail. (Atlanta locals - Cheesecaked off Lindbergh has other cute shake options).
  • We went to a new pumpkin patch this year and had to take an obligatory pumpkin picture. Hampton's head looks like the size of most of the pumpkins and it is at approximately 95% for head circumference. I will take credit for all his smarts ;)
  • The hubs knows my love language and I would take a gorgeous flower arrangement over a gift any day. Blooms of Dunwoody is our go-to shop and this year's arrangement did not disappoint. 
  • We went back to college earlier this month and taking two small kiddos is not for the faint of heart. Little Miss loved it, little man couldn't have cared less and Mom tried to remember why she ever wanted to leave. But side note, do girls not wear clothes anymore to football games? I saw more mid-drift shirts and butt cheeks than I cared to at one o'clock in the afternoon.

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